The club has great skills to show their ‘underdog’

The club has great skills to show their ‘underdog’

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was the first to give the blow. After beating Newcastle United 5-0 in the league on 6 May, Guardiola himself was in a very ‘aggressive’ manner.

It seemed to him that no one supported Man City. No one wants City to win. But no one is angry or jealous of Liverpool. Everyone wants Liverpool to win.

This time a lot of Guardiola’s words were heard echoing from London. Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has come forward to support Guardiola. It seemed to Tuchel that not only Liverpool, but also Klopp, whenever he was the coach of the team, that team got the support and love of everyone. Because, Klopp can convince everyone that his team is an ‘underdog’.

The club will face Liverpool and Chelsea in Touch today in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium. The German coach of Chelsea said this about Klopp and Liverpool in the press conference before the match which is going to start at 10:15 pm Bangladesh time.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel
Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel

It seems to Tuchel that the club has a great ability to show its team as an ‘underdog’ even if the opponent is weak. “You know what,” Tuchel said, referring to Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Benfica and Villarreal. Klopp is a master at proving himself an underdog. He even forced himself to think of himself as an underdog before the match against Villarreal and Benfica; Although it is amazing how Liverpool got them in the draw! He has been doing this all his life. That’s why people get sympathy. ‘

After saying so much, however, Tuchel said that he was not saying this out of violence, “There is nothing violent here on my part. Klopp is a wonderful man, a funny man. One of the best coaches in the world, that’s his job.

Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp

When he (Klopp) was Dortmund’s coach, the whole country loved Dortmund,” Tuchel said. Now the same thing is happening with Liverpool. Now it may seem to you that the whole country loves Liverpool. He (Klopp) has to be credited for this. That’s why whenever you go to play against his team, it will feel like that. ‘

The Chelsea coach also tried to explain why Guardiola was saying, “I’m not a Liverpool fan. But I can understand why Guardiola said that. I understand from what kind of attitude Guardiola spoke. In fact, you can not disagree with his words. It’s not about Chelsea. Man City and Liverpool, right? I’m not saying I agree with Guardiola, but I do understand the country’s sympathy for Liverpool.

Since everyone loves Liverpool, does that mean that Liverpool’s rival Chelsea is a villain in everyone’s eyes today? Tukhel thinks so.

The Chelsea coach has no objection to his team being portrayed as a “bad guy” today. We don’t want the sympathy of the whole country, we just want the trophy.


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