Messi with the net, ‘love’ with the post

Messi with the net, ‘love’ with the post

But the title was invisibly the opposite — separation with the post, love with the net Lionel Messi! If you want before love, you can add the word ‘bejay’.

Isn’t that so! The transformation of Messi’s career and football is clear. Although he started La Liga for Barcelona in the 2004-04 season, he broke the deadlock by scoring 36 goals in the 2008-09 season! But the reality at that time was that if there is 20-25 goals next to the name of a striker at the end of the season, it is great.

Messi has changed this goal-scoring language with Cristiano Ronaldo over the next decade or so. Now at the end of the season, if there are not at least 35-40 goals next to the names of the strikers, many will not consider him a striker!

But is Messi a pure striker?

No, the Argentine who left Barcelona and joined PSG last season has been doing the job of scoring and scoring goals since the beginning of his career. In this role, Messi has raised the number of goals scored from season to season in such a way that many consider his scoring performance as a reference point for making the strikers better. That was possible because of Messi’s ‘love’ with the opponent’s goalpost net. Otherwise, he would not have been able to set the record of maximum 91 goals in a calendar year.

But not in words, big love not only draws near, but also pushes away. Messi must be going to such a time now. Is it because he is 34 years old? There may be a debate about this.

However, there will be no controversy over the reduction of his scoring rate; With that the goal scoring rate has also decreased. The forward, who joined PSG after winning gold in Barcelona, ​​may be feeling the drought himself.

PSG still has two matches left in the French League. Messi has scored only 4 goals in 24 matches in the league, 9 goals in 32 matches in all competitions. He also scored 31 and 36 goals in the last two seasons before leaving Bar বারa.

In other words, Messi was still in love with the net, but changing the address means that after joining PSG, how did the separation of Messi with the net happen!
Messi is desperate to get his ‘lost love’ back with the net, just like the born footballers.

It will be helpful to understand the matter with a little imagination. If hitting the ball just outside the post is synonymous with final separation, then hitting the ball in the post is an attempt to come back from that split in a sense? Messi has set a record by trying that.

PSG had already secured the title by drawing 2-2 against Troy in League A on Sunday. Messi remained in the goal in three consecutive matches including this match. But that’s not what he tried. Going to score a goal against Troy hit the ball twice in the post!

It is not uncommon for Messi,

Who has scored 13 goals with his teammates this season, to laugh frustrated at how many times he has shaken the post. 10 times!

It is normal to raise eyebrows when the same player hits the ball 10 times in the post. And the record is unsurpassed, but eye-popping. Optata, a football data-based organization, started keeping track of players hitting the ball post from the 2006-07 season. This is the highest number of times he has hit the ball post in a single season in League A since then, which was achieved by Messi this season.

Messi also tops the record for hitting the ball post this season in the top five leagues in Europe. Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has played 33 matches in the Bundesliga, hitting the ball nine times. Brian Embuemo of English club Brentford is at number three, having bowled six times in 33 matches.

This time, Messi’s club mate PSG star Killian Mbappe, who has scored the highest 24 goals in League A, has hit the ball post 5 times. In other words, there is nothing wrong with trying to get Messi back, but he is probably not able to be perfect by trying a little more. Messi can get back his ‘lost love’ if he can be a little more flawless – the opponent’s net!


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