He retired at the age of 29 on charges of having links with extremists

He retired at the age of 29 on charges of having links with extremists

Less than a month after winning the Europa League for Frankfurt. The 1970 UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) is the second European success in the German club’s history, the first of his own career — the biggest success. He is only 29 years old and has no history of injuries. If the average career stability of the defenders is taken into account, he should play effortlessly for another five-six years. But Martin Hintarega retired!

Or better to say, forced to take? The Austrian defender has been accused of having an affair with a politician from a new Nazi organization. He played for a club in Adolf Hitler’s country, Germany. Hinterger did not drink. To avoid controversy, he decided to go into hiding and retired.

Aintracht Frankfurt confirmed yesterday that Hinterger has expressed his desire to end the player’s career. With one year left on his contract with the club, Frankfurt has honored Hinterger’s request to cancel his contract.

In a way, Hinterger had to suffer so much when he went to host a football tournament in Sirnitz, the city where his childhood club was in Austria. Heinrich Sickle, his former business partner, was his partner in organizing the Hinty Cup.

Discussions about Hinterger’s relationship with Sickle began shortly after the tournament. Sickle is a former member of a neo-Nazi organization working in Austria in the nineties! Sickle recently rented a space in Western Europe for use in an extremist movement that puts white interests first.

Hinterger claimed on Instagram that he was innocent when criticism began surrounding his relationship with Sickle after the tournament. He did not know anything about Sikal’s political identity. ‘I had no idea about the Sickle family’s past activities or future plans. I just wanted to organize a football tournament, nothing more, ”Hinterger’s Instagram post said. Hinter also announced that he would sever all ties with the sickle family after learning of their identities.

But it did not benefit much. Criticism continues, his life has come under the hot glass. Hintereger chose retirement as a solution. The Austrian defender explained why he decided to retire on the club’s Eintracht Frankfurt website: “Last autumn I started thinking about retirement at the end of the season. (Due to criticism from all around) I had a very difficult time on the field, the performance was shaky. The joy of winning was not so much, the pain of the loss was double. I am more determined to say goodbye to great success on the field, combining my performance in the spring and our success in the Europa League. ‘

Speaking in farewell to the allegations against him, Hintereger said, “In the last few weeks, many issues have arisen around the organization of my Hinty Cup. I have organized the tournament with full passion, white mind. But now I can look back and understand the consequences of the criticism that surrounds it. ‘ Hinterger apologized for that.

At the end of the day, the Austrian defender, explaining his position on the movement to restore white supremacy and extremist political philosophy, said, “Once again, I hate right-wing thinking. Strongly condemn the intolerable and inhumane behavior. Those who know me know it. For now, I want to get away from everything and get my life back on track. I’m grateful to Aintracht for helping me come to this conclusion right now. “

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