Ukraine kills 2,000 mercenaries from 64 countries: Russia

Ukraine kills 2,000 mercenaries from 64 countries: Russia

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has involved mercenaries and military experts from 64 countries. Among them, about two thousand foreign mercenaries were killed. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov made the claim on Friday. Khabar Tas and Anadlu Agency.

“As of June 16, we have a list of mercenaries and weapons management experts from 64 countries,” said Igor Konashenkov. Since the start of the special military operation, 8,958 such troops have arrived in Ukraine.

Igor Konashenkov said 1,958 of these troops had already been killed. 1,069 people have left Ukraine. Now 3,221 mercenaries are alive.

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman was quoted by the Anadolu Agency as saying that Poland had been at the top of the list of European countries sending mercenaries and killing people since the war began. So far, 1,631 Polish fighters have arrived in Ukraine. Of these, 36 have lost their lives and 262 have returned to the country.

Romania ranks second among European countries in sending mercenaries to Ukraine. A total of 504 Romanian mercenaries joined the Ukrainian army. 102 of them were killed and 98 returned to the country.
The United Kingdom is in third place with 422 mercenaries. 101 of them died and 95 left Ukraine.

Canada is a major supplier of mercenaries from the North American continent. As many as 601 citizens of the country have entered Ukraine since February. 172 of them were killed and 189 left Ukraine.

The United States ranks second in sending mercenaries from the region. 530 people came to Ukraine from that country. 214 of them were killed and 227 left Ukraine.

Mercenaries from the Middle East, the South Caucasus and Asia have also left. The largest number of 355 mercenaries from Georgia in the region went to Ukraine. 120 of them were killed and 90 left Ukraine.


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