The Russian ambassador to Poland was painted red

The Russian ambassador to Poland was painted red

Russia’s ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev has been the victim of harassment. NDTV quoted The Independent Online as saying.

The Russian ambassador fell victim to the harassment while paying homage to the graves of former Soviet soldiers on the anniversary of the victory of World War II. Protesters throw red paint on Sergei Andreev’s face in protest of the Russian bloodshed in Ukraine.

The video, spread on social media, shows protesters throwing red at the Russian ambassador. At one point, his whole face turned red with the color of a protester’s shot.

The Russian ambassador maintained his composure even as protesters fired. He was seen wiping paint from his face with his hands. He did not respond to requests for comment.

In the end, members of the Russian delegation, including the ambassador, were unable to lay wreaths at the tombs of Soviet troops in Warsaw in the face of protests.

Protesters wear red to highlight the bloodshed caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. They were also seen holding Ukrainian flags and chanting “fascist”. In the end, the Russian delegation was forced to leave the area under police protection.

Monday marked the 7th anniversary of the Soviet victory over German Nazi forces in World War II. On this occasion, a colorful parade was organized in Moscow’s Red Square. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the gathering. Shortly after his speech, the Russian ambassador to the Polish capital was harassed.

In a victory parade, Putin said Russia’s military action against Ukraine in response to Western policy was timely and necessary. He also remarked that protecting the motherland is a sacred duty.

Poland is at the forefront of cooperating with Ukraine. The neighboring country has sheltered millions of Ukrainians fleeing Russian attacks.

Poland has been critical of Russia’s “genocide” and “imperialist” actions in Ukraine. Moscow, on the other hand, accuses Warsaw of vicious and rude criticism.


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