The government has promised jobs to quell the protests

The government has promised jobs to quell the protests

The government has taken additional steps to alleviate the fires that are burning across India over the Agnipath project. To reduce youth discontent, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh have both said that jobs will be created for firefighters in various departments of the Home and Defense Ministries. At the same time, it is strongly stated that violent protesters may find it difficult to get jobs in the future. It is said that police verification is necessary to get a job in the army. If there is an objectionable report, no one will be considered eligible for the job.

Protests against the Agnipath project have escalated in 8-9 states of India

The train service in Bihar was completely stopped on Saturday afternoon. The train service will be closed for a long time on Sunday. The government is embarrassed, annoyed and approached by these violent protests. So without wasting time, he is active in calming the anger. The attitude of the government towards agricultural law is completely opposite. On the second day, therefore, the age limit for the first year is waived. Due to the loss of two years due to covid, the age limit for joining the fire was increased from 21 in the first year to 23. But the government has moved towards more concessions as it did not work.

This morning, Amit Shah said that 10 per cent of the recruitment for the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) and Assam Rifles would be reserved for firefighters (75 per cent who will have to retire after spending four years in the Agnipath project). In addition, in order to avoid age barrier for service in these forces after four years, five years will be waived for the first batch of firefighters and three years for the next batch. After talks with the defense chiefs at noon, Rajnath Singh said 10 per cent seats would also be reserved for firefighters in the Coast Guard.

Despite the announcement of an increase in the age limit and job opportunities, the protests have not abated. In this situation, the central government has decided to proceed in two ways. Chiefs and senior officials of the three forces have been asked to highlight the need and importance of the project in the media. At the same time, it has been said that those who want to get a job in the army should make it clear that if there is a police report against the participants in the violent protests, the door of employment will be closed forever. Chief of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal VR Chowdhury, with the help of the media, warned that the last step in getting a job in the army is police verification. If there are reports of participation in the movement and becoming violent, the door of employment will be closed forever. He warned the protesters that there were many people to answer questions about the Agnipath project. But violence is not the solution.

The fires have spread to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In Bihar alone, property worth Tk 200 crore was destroyed due to the anger of the protesters. Prabhat Kumar, head of Bihar’s Danapur railway division, gave the account to news agency ANI. Protests continued in different parts of Bihar yesterday morning. Railways and roads are blocked. A railway station has been set on fire near Patna. Several vehicles were also set on fire. The house of Munger Block Development Officer was set on fire. State police have already identified 60 people. Caught 12 people. In this situation, it has been decided to suspend train services in the state.

Kovid’s Congress president Sonia Gandhi is upset over the protests

The message he sent from the hospital was revealed by party spokesperson Jairam Ramesh yesterday. In her message to the youth of the country, Sonia advised everyone to exercise restraint and said, “You are interested in serving the country by joining the Indian Army. Millions of posts are vacant in the army. But I understand your plight as there has been no recruitment for the last three years. I have sympathy for you. Sadly, the new project announced by the government is completely out of direction. Former fighters and experts have also criticized the project, ”she said. But it must be done in a moderate and non-violent way. While justifying the protesters’ demands, Sonia said the movement should not be violent. Protests, movements must be peaceful.


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