Weekend Lady | Cup of Jo

Weekend Lady | Cup of Jo

Just a thought on inclusivity- there is no one universal inclusive representation of a human. If this was a survey or a comic about a group of people I’d want to see someone kinda close to myself represented, but since these comics are often about one person I think they are more about shared common experiences than representing a multitude of identities. I don’t relate to the term “mom”, and I don’t relate to the term “lady”, but I often feel seen by these comics because the experiences they describe are so relatable! I don’t come to COJ expecting a comic that’s like “non-binary lesbian artist WILL be having second coffee this morning” (and I don’t think a ton of COJ readers would see themselves in that descriptor, although some would and others might sip in solidarity), so when I read these I think “damn, I have that experience in common with some moms! Yesss, this lady and I both appreciate petrichor!” instead of “this doesn’t apply to me because I’m not a mom or a lady”. A comic about one individual person is never gonna be inclusive of all identities, but these comics are beautifully and sweetly relatable! And if ya ever want a non-binary lesbian second coffee comic, COJ team, I’m here for ya 😉

Martha Drake

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