Thanksgiving Chefs | Cup of Jo

Thanksgiving Chefs | Cup of Jo

My husband and I are definitely Special Ops. lol. On years we are hosting, we sit down earlier in the week and write out the Timeline, of when things need to happen, Beginning with the time we intend to eat and clocking it in reverse to when the turkey needs to be set out to defrost. What that does is it lets us be really chill and unruffled about each step. In fact, last year, it kinda freaked my mom out! She came in the kitchen with her own flurry of anxiety about when things needed to get started and we just had it all sorted out, and my sister came in and whispered, ‘Jeez, guys-you need to argue like, a LITTLE. You’re freaking Mom out.” LOL. We find that if we’re organized and see the whole undertaking as a bit of a dance, it lets us not lose sight of the fact that it’s just DINNER (it just requires a bit of orchestration, but ultimately, it’s just food on a table shared with people!). Happy Thanksgiving all of you. I’m glad we have a community like this here. 🙂


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