Kim’s four-and-a-half crore gown marriage is now a thing of the past

Kim’s four-and-a-half crore gown marriage is now a thing of the past

At the moment, Kim Kardashian’s relationship status is ‘single’. But her third wedding gown has come up in the short list of the 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world. The gown has lost some of its luster in the announcement of separation. However, after the announcement of separation, the gown came up for discussion anew. The old saying goes, ‘Money does not buy by happiness’. Happiness cannot be bought with money, Kim knew from an old relationship. The gown worth Rs 4.5 crore is still like that. Many people have made wedding gowns in the style of that gown. But Kim’s relationship is no longer lasting. However, let’s find out about that wedding dress.

According to Forbes Magazine in March 2021,

Kim Kardashian’s total wealth has reached one billion US dollars. That means Kim, the owner of eight and a half thousand rupees! There are 336 women billionaires in the world. Most of them are businessmen, rarely media personalities. Kim is one of the few successful media personalities. Those who got acquainted first, later used that acquaintance to successfully build a brand, do business.

He has been married three times in his 40 years of life. Twice separated, the formality of the third is yet to be finalized. He has the longest marriage with third groom Kenny West. Kim and Kenny have been separated since 2020. Kim filed for divorce on February 19, 2021. In April, they agreed on joint custody of the children. And Kim is relieving her ‘husband’ of her maintenance responsibilities after signing a paper-break.

This is about media personality, model, businessman, producer and actress Kim Kardashian. Let’s find out now about her wedding gown and other expenses with Kenny West. In 2014, Saren Kim and Kenny got married in a lavish event in Italy. The formality of their marriage lasted for a week. The cost of making a wedding gown alone was five lakh US dollars. In Bangladeshi currency it is more than four and a half crore rupees.

Kim’s third wedding gown was designed by Ricardo Tishi, creativity director of French fashion brand Jivashin. The gown had long sleeves, a bare back and a long trumpet-shaped silhouette. The gown looks a lot like a mermaid. And there was the transparent veil spread.

These wedding photos are just a thing of the past.

However, this is Kim’s most successful marriage in terms of time. Has been married to Kenny for almost six years. There are four children, North West, Sam West, Chicago West and St. West. North was present at his parents’ wedding. Kim and Kenny were one year old at the time of their marriage.

Bonibana had not been between the two for several months. Husband is a US rapper Kanye West or a mental patient. Kim kept saying that. The children are still young. So did not rush. But his patience has been broken. Kim, 40, has filed for divorce in court.

Kim or Kanye has not yet made an official statement about the divorce. In July last year, Kardashian reported that her husband, Kanye, was suffering from bipolar disorder. This pop star was going through a very bad situation at that time. However, this disease is not the reason for his separation. But as the days went by, the situation began to get more complicated. In the end, the stars may not be able to stay together.


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