Yami is happy with the increase in the southern picture

Yami is happy with the increase in the southern picture

Southern photography is now dominating across India. ‘RRR’, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, ‘KGF-II’ — all these have taken the Pan India cinema by storm at the box office. Bollywood stars are worried about this power of the South. However, in this case, Bollywood actress Yami Gautam is very happy.

The influence of the southern image is growing exponentially in the Hindibalay states in northern India. Yami said in an interview, “I am happy with the great success of Pan India. In fact, stories in other languages ​​are now gaining popularity in northern India. No one is taking this success of the South as a competition now. ‘Regarding the reason for the success of the Southern film, he added,’ One of the reasons for the success of the Pan India film is that the directors can work here with an open mind. They can match their point of view on the screen without any hindrance. And in Hindi film world it is just the opposite. Managers still can’t work openly here. They can’t match what they want on the screen like themselves.

Yami said, ‘Producers are still more interested in just bringing big stars to the screen. They don’t give much importance to story based pictures. And the biggest example in this case is my husband Aditya (Dhar). He has spent three years directing Uri films. Still Aditya is waiting for one of his favorite projects. He is explaining his point of view to the producers. There are only two or three producers who understand his point of view. And interested in working.

Maybe Yami Gautam doesn't do makeup
Maybe Yami Gautam doesn’t do makeup

In the words of this Bollywood heroine, ‘I think managers should be given complete freedom so that they can match their thoughts freely. We need to focus more on stories and screenplays. Bahubali, Pushpa, KGF, RRR — these films prove that the producers had confidence in their director and story. And the actors in these films are very big stars, especially in the southern film world. And they have a huge number of Pan India visitors. I think it’s difficult to stop them. ”
Yami is seen on the last screen in the tenth film. This picture was released on Netflix. Apart from Yami, Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur are in the picture.


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