Khabi Lam has the most followers of Tiktak now

Khabi Lam has the most followers of Tiktak now

TickTock has become the new champion by running the most followers. Khabi Lam, a 22-year-old from Senegal, has overtaken rival Charlie D’Amelio. At present the number of followers of Lam is 14 crore 26 lakhs. And Charlie D’Amelio has 142.3 million followers. News of the Verge.

Lam lives in Italy. He got acquainted using TickTock’s ‘Duet’ and ‘Stitch’ features. He reached the pinnacle of popularity by showing other ticklers the easy way to do the difficult tasks.

Lame gets millions of views and likes by uploading silent funny videos. Last year and recent weeks saw a surge in the number of his followers. The followers were eager to make Lame number one.

Finally on Wednesday night that Mahendrakshan comes. Lame topped Charlie D’Amelio and his sister Dixie. These two sisters are the two central characters of Tiktak. Together they have created a complete media brand. However, they have admitted that this stardom has happened by coincidence.

The rise of the fame of the two sisters in meteorites surprised people with a few seconds of video dancing to the ticket. Not only that, it encourages millions of followers to do the same. According to Forbes, the two sisters earned ৭ 26.5 million last year.

Lame became a popular figure on this platform by simply presenting the complex issues related to the life brought by the ticklers in the past. How black makers in particular are being taken on this platform also comes up through his popularity.

In 2020, allegations surfaced that the TickTalk algorithm was unfavorable to black video producers. The company then promised to take action in this regard. These included the formation of a diversity council and the provision of financial assistance to non-profit organizations that helped the black community.

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